Have you just bought an electric car? Or maybe you've been a fan of electromobility for years, but you need a reliable charger to charge your car at home? Meet ZEVS MINI. A reliable, efficient and trouble-free source of electricity in your garage.

This is a functional, modern and easy-to-use home/garage charger. It will effectively charge your car while you are at home. You will have a reliable and efficient source of energy always offhand.

For individual customers and electromobility enthusiasts, we offer the highest quality electric vehicle charger ZEVS MINI. We have always valued quality and functionality - that's why we introduced a product made of PVC and metal with a compact design, making it easy to assemble and resistant to contaminants.

Simplicity, reliability, functionality and economy - these are the features that best describe our home/garage electric vehicle charging station. Get to know its exact parameters and see for yourself that trouble-free car charging on your own property is possible!


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