Capacitor banks ABK, ABKD are devices used in the field of reactive power compensation. In addition, they can reduce the cost of active energy by 2-5%. They will be useful in enterprises and production plants, that face the problem of high energy costs. A properly selected capacitor bank will quickly help to solve these problems.
The offer includes capacitor banks built in a metal cabinet or a cabinet made of thermosetting material. The type of material depends on the needs and construction requirements.
Individual battery components are connected to the main battery supply rails, and each of them consists of:
·         fuse disconnector (fuse base) with fuses type WTN 00;
·         contactor for switching capacitive currents,
·         power capacitor
The location of the reactive power controller in capacitor banks depends on the place, where the bank is used (on the facade or inside the cabinet). The capacitor banks are also equipped with sensors for phase control and phase loss, and if necessary a surge arrester and a ventilation system controlled by a temperature sensor.
On request, we perform measurements, and on their basis we analyze the network parameters, which allows us to choose the optimal solution. Our specialists will guide you step by step through the process of order execution.


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