SSS control tight cabinets, depending on the equipment installed, can be used for electricity distribution, control gear and controlling of production processes. They work well inside buildings in a dry environment (internal variant), as well as outdoors.
SSS control tight cabinets are made of aluminum sheet. The elements are connected by riveting, twisting, welding. The cabinets, plinths and roofs are powder coated in RAL 7035. Depending on the variant, the cabinets can be mounted on plinths or buried pedestals. Different types of plinths allow the cabinets to be placed on any ground, and perforations on the sides and back wall of the cabinet allow the installation of the equipment at any height and depth.
A wide size range allows finding the most optimal solution with the help of our consultants. An equipment: mounting plates, cover for cable temporary supply, plinths, pedestals and roofs.

SSS-Dichte Schaltschranke von Emiter
SSS-Dichte Schaltschranke von Emiter

The most important features


protection degree (single door)


protection degree (double doors)


impact resistance


protection class

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