OMS tight metal enclosures enable the installation of control gear for controlling and controlling production processes and machines. They work well inside buildings in a dry environment (internal variant), as well as outdoors.
Tight metal enclosures are made of DC01 steel sheet. Powder coated in RAL 7035.
We offer three installation methods: covered (N), on a free-standing plinth (CW) with a height of 500 mm with revision and on a buried pedestal (FZ) with a height of 600 mm. In the basic equipment is one-point locks with a key D5. Optional accessories: mounting plates, plinths, modular units or single-pitched roofs and glands plates.

The most important features


protection degree


impact resistance


protection class

standard color RAL 7035

welded housing body (W)
or flanged riveted body (Z)

holes in the back wall for mounting on the facade

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