Are you a developer, investor, owner of a commercial space, hotel or restaurant where you want to install EV charging stations? Explore the offer of our freestanding stations. You will receive a top quality "tailor-made" product, ideally suited to your needs.
Freestanding, modern and ideal for commercial spaces – those are the ZEVS Emiter urban EV charging stations, which we produce since 2011. Mounted as standalone or network arrangement. Get to know their technical parameters!


The most important features

Why are standalone stations better than garage stations in urban spaces?


  • by choosing freestanding electric vehicle charging stations, you choose  proper power allocation,
  •  you do not risk overloading the entire installation,
  • the final product, regardless of the selected model, is made to the customer needs - configurability is one of the advantages of our products!
  • We are able to customize not only the design of the station, but also its technical parameter according to customer requirements. This way you have a guarantee that the entire installation will not be overloaded


Keep in mind that, each of the ZEVS Emiter charging station can be installed instandalone or network installation. Thanks to such solution, integration with a parking system or billing system is simple, intuitive and very functional.

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