ETSI transformer container stations are stations operated from the inside. Their structure consists of three independent elements: the pedestal, the body and the roof.
The pedestal is tight and is a barrier to water from the outside, as well as to possible leakage of transformer oil inside the station. There are cable glands in the pedestal that allow the station to be connected to the MV and LV networks. In the main body can be placed MV and LV switchgears and a transformer. Our stations are equipped only with devices from reputable manufacturers, which guarantees failure-free and long-term operation.
You can choose the colors of the station that suit the requirements. You can also choose from three types of roof: concrete roof, metal gable roof and metal multi-clasp roof.
The Emiter company, as a producer of switchgears and electrical enclosures, also offers equipment for container stations. Container stations can be equipped with LV switchgears type RNTw or type RNTz and with MV switchgears.
Examples of ETSI station types, equipment arrangement and electrical schematics you can find in our catalog.

The most important features


three-element structure


up to IP43 protection degree


apparatus of the best producers

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